Caroline DENTON
m John AVAN 13 July 1840 at Church of England, Tenterden, Kent, England.

Child John William AVAN was born on 2 March 1841 in Adelaide, South Australia.

Caroline's father was Samuel, a farmer. John's father was John, also a farmer.

Caroline Denton AVAN then married Charles KING in Adelaide on 15 March 1841 in Adelaide, South Australia. With Charles had four children, including my great great grandmother, Caroline KING, b 5 January 1844 in Pine Forest (now Enfield), South Australia.

Evidence suggests both John William AVAN and Caroline KING suffered from HD, as well as Caroline (nee DENTON) herself, which leads to the conclusion that Caroline DENTON was the source in our family, as far back as I can trace.


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