I was browsing Rootsweb and was drawn to the Medical Genealogy list archives, being a family researcher but also distantly related to a line that carries Huntington's-- the youngest that I know of them is about 38 and believes she is just developing symptoms. She was raised as a foster child in my family when her mother was incapacitated with HD 30 years ago.

The ancestor who carried the gene was Mable DOUGHTY, a surname plentiful in the Buffalo and Pepin county area of WI (and yes, early on it was in NY) where this family was from-- but most with the name are not afflicted or carriers. Since it's not a primary line of mine, I haven't traced down which Doughtys were affected and which weren't--but I know a Doughty genealogist who could help.

Anyway, Mable Doughty had several children with Tom HARTUNG, her husband, in the earlier 1900s and died young, in childbirth--too young to let anyone know she was a carrier of the HD gene. Several of Mable's children died with HD, and I could find out who their offspring are.

I just wanted to get this info on your board, for those who are researching. Would you post the info for me and tell people to feel free to contact me if I can help them?

Gail Von Bargen
Minneapolis MN

Here is what info I have. The background: My great-grandfather, Edward Melvin DOUGHTY was married twice. His first wife was Melvina Ann METCALF. They were married 9/29/1858 in Cassville WI and had 6 sons. Son # 4, Rollin Douglas DOUGHTY was my Grandfather. No Huntington's has been reported in the descendants from this marriage.

Melvina died (don't have date or location) and Edward Melvin married Clarissa (Clara) May LOUCKS. The only info I have on Clarissa is that she was born in 1853. No info on birthplace, or date of death. Twelve children, 6 sons and 6 daughters were born to this union. Mable DOUGHTY HARTUNG was one of the daughters. Huntington's appeared in at least 3 of these children and in many of their descendants.

About two years ago I was in contact with a great-great-granddaughter of Clarissa from another daughter. She had 3 brothers, all with Huntington's, so the gene continues its tragic work.

Sam Doughty

1 Edward Melvin DOUGHTY b: May 26, 1836 in Wayne County, PA d: January 07, 1922 in Pepin County WI . +Clarissa (Clara) May LOUCKS b: 1853 m: July 30, 1872 in Maiden Rock, Pierce Co, WI 2 Henry Harrison DOUGHTY b: January 04, 1874 in Maiden Rock, Pierce Co, WI .... +Emma CATURIA 2 Willis Perry DOUGHTY b: January 18, 1876 in Union, Pierce Co, WI .... +Iva DRAKE 2 Rilla Mae DOUGHTY b: September 09, 1877 in Arkansaw, Pepin Co, WI .... +John J. MANORE 2 Alfred Jackson DOUGHTY b: December 29, 1878 in Arkansaw, Pepin Co, WI d: 1963 .... +Edna CROSS 2 Franklin Isaiah DOUGHTY b: September 13, 1880 in Arkansaw, Pepin Co, WI d: June 1965 2 Bertha Melvina DOUGHTY b: September 13, 1883 in Arkansaw, Pepin Co, WI .... +Alfred WEIZIRIL 2 Alice Almyra DOUGHTY b: Jan 09, 1887 in Arkansaw, Pepin Co, WI d: Mar 20, 1906 in Arkansaw, Pepin Co, WI 2 Clara Ann DOUGHTY b: March 26, 1889 in Arkansaw, Pepin Co, WI d: 1961 in Ladysmith, Rusk Co, WI .... +Dorsey SEIFERT ... 3 Lyle SEIFERT ... 3 Richard SEIFERT ... 3 Grace SEIFERT b: May 23, 1912 in Pepin, Buffalo Co, WI d: July 03, 1999 in Swedish-American Hospital, Rockford Il ....... +Maylond M. MALINOWSKI d: November 24, 1980 m: in St. Hedwig Catholic Church, Thorp, WI 2 Nettie Marie DOUGHTY b: April 08, 1891 in Arkansaw, Pepin Co, WI d: January 1954 .... +Clarence HAWKINS ... 3 Francis DOUGHTY ....... +George LAPEAN [5 children] 2 Palmer Smith DOUGHTY b: February 25, 1893 in Arkansaw, Pepin Co, WI d: November 24, 1950 .... +Lorena MARTIN 2 Mable Lee DOUGHTY b: February 03, 1896 in Arkansaw, Pepin Co, WI d: January 18, 1922 in Arkansaw, Pepin Co. WI .... +Thomas HARTUNG ... 3 Joyce HARTUNG ... 3 Wilma HARTUNG 2 Clarence DOUGHTY b: March 25, 1900 in Arkansaw, Pepin Co, WI d: August 17, 1980 .... +Nina KEYS

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