This is the only information I have on my grandfather (Billie/Billy HALL) who passed away from Huntington's in 1976 or 1977. I do not know his mother's maiden name, she passed away from Huntington's. My mother (Karen Ann HALL CWYNAR) currently has late-middle stage Huntington's and her sister (Renee HALL) passed away from Huntington's April 2001. My grandfather lived in Panama City, Florida, for most of his life, although I think his family is originally from Louisiana. I do not know my ethnic background on that side (heard it may be French/German). My grandfather had 4-5? siblings and every sibling passed away from Huntington's except one sister, Sue (she currently lives in Panama City, FL). I have heard that these siblings had children who may have developed Huntington's.

Sabrina Cwynar

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