Family Information

I am tracing HD in my husbands family line and it makes me sick each time I add another family member. This gene, even thou it was carried by my husband's grandfather, skipped his dad but not his dad's siblings.

William Thomas HALL (1853-1920)
His children-
Clay Alexander HALL (1880-aft. 1898)
James Nole HALL (1884-1976)
. Maud Leona HALL WRIGHT (1913-1979)
. . Paskel Leroy WRIGHT (1937-1993)
. . . Heidi Ellen WRIGHT (1972-2006)
Clara Josephine HALL CHIDDIX (1889-1956)
. Thomas Binkly CHEDDIX (1905-1960)
. Archie Gross CHIDDIX (1910-1946)
. Loys Alvin Sanders CHIDDIX (1914-1972)
Thomas Edward HALL (1877-1944)
. Coye Resi HALL VESTAL (1919-1994)
. . Her son, Kermit VESTAL (had HD when he died by train)
Tommie Juanita HALL CARPENTER (1929-1976)
Archie Monroe HALL (1912-1965)
. Dannie Dale HALL Sr (1938-1991)
. Amber Lynn HALL(1936-1934)

There are most likely more to be added as I research more of the family and their children. Heidi WRIGHT was the most recent recorded.

Betty Hall

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