Family Information

My Mother, Mary Louise CARTER, married Ernest Howard HERRINGTON, several years before my birth. Supposedly the CARTERS and HERRINGTONS are distant cousins. Family legend has it that HERRINGTON and HARRINGTON were brothers that feuded and one changed the spelling. HERRINGTON settled in Tupelo, Ms. CARTER settled in Marianna, Ark. and Ripley, Tn. My Mother passed away this year.

The other surnames in our family are SPENCE and SCREWS.

My mother had two other daughters, Sheryl Jean (former GALLUCCI, now a BROWN of Las Vegas) and Laura Charlotte (now FRANCIS, formerly a BAILEY of Texas). Both my older sisters had children and grandchildren. I have not. I have a missing nephew who was given up by my middle sister to Catholic Charities in Biloxi, Ms. It is imperative I find him to let him know of the genetics in the family.

Carol Herrington

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