I have recently begun to research my family. My mother was hospitalized with Huntington's Corea when I was about 12 years old my father passed away a couple of years later in an accident, and my brother, sister and I grew up in foster homes. When we did see my mothers family I was never allowed to speak of our "horrible" secret and the true reason for my mother's hospitalization or my uncle's odd behavior. Sadly even my mother had never been told about her own father and grandmother having Huntingtons Disease I can only imagine how horrible and confusing it was when she started developing symptoms and even sadder my dad didn't know at all what was happening to her. It has taken me years to honestly tell people about my mother and contrary to my relatives' views on the disease I have found that people are concerned, caring and interested in what Huntington Disease is. My brother, sister and I have hit the lottery and have not shown any signs of Huntingtons. I am interested in finding the line though and this is what I do know. Here are the names of relatives who had the disease: The following all were born and died in Brockton, MA.

My mother: Miriam Estelle TINGLEY (nickname Babe) b: 4/21/1930 d: 6/1977 Married (my dad) Carl Hayden McVEY of Ansted, WV in April 1952. Carl McVEY was in the Air Force so my family lived on bases both in the US, Germany and Panama. After my dad retired from the service we came back to the Brockton, MA area around 1963.

My uncle: Donald TINGLEY (nickname: Harpo) b: 2/20/1934 d: sometime in the 70's.

My Aunt: Audrey Lucille TINGLEY b: 3/14/1941 d: approx 1951. (Note how young Audrey is my mother had told me that her sister Audrey had died from Cerebal Palsy but as it turns out she had Huntingtons.)

My grandfather: Daniel Chester TINGLEY (went by Chester) b: 10/6/1908 in Boston, MA d: 5/17/1942 in Boston, MA.

My great grandmother: Mabel LYNCH b: ?? d: 9/6/1936. She was born in N. Attleboro, MA and married Samuel Isaac TINGLEY on 2/15/1908. She is the daughter of James LYNCH and Jessie ROBINSON. She is buried in Pine Hill Cemetery, West Bridgewater, MA.

I don't know which of Mabel's parents carried the Huntington gene I would appreciate hearing from anyone who might have information. Being from Massachusetts, I am especially interested in finding out if I have any relatives who may go back as far as the Salem Witch trials.


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