I have been able to trace my Huntingtons connection back to my g-g grandparents, William PRICE and Susan PICKREL/PICKEREL in Roane Co., WV. They had the following children:
1. Adaline PRICE was born in 1849 in VA.
2. William P. PRICE m. Mary Louisa SIMS
3. Mary Ellen PRICE m. Sylvester B. MAZE
4. Stephen G. PRICE m. Emma Zette GEORGE
5. James M. PRICE m. Mary Catherine WILLIAMS
6. Thomas S. PRICE m. Hannah A. MAZE.

Of these children, I have only been able to confirm that James and Thomas (who is my great grandfather) had Huntingtons. Susan died sometime in 1859 and William remarried Elizabeth Jane MURRY and had the following children:
1. Elizabeth Jane PRICE m. Charles Monroe SIMS
2. Henry PRICE m. Delilah SNYDER
3. Sarah Cordelia PRICE m.John Wesley SIMS
4. Susan L. PRICE was born in May 1868.
5. Anna PRICE m. George W MERRELL

I have not discovered Huntingtons in any of these families which leads me to believe thus far that the Huntingtons was carried by William's first wife, Susan PICKREL/PICKEREL. Descendants of these children stayed mainly in West Virginia, with some migrating to Idaho and Washington, which is where I live. Unfortunately, Huntington is still surviving in our family line as my oldest sister is now in a nursing home and her oldest daughter has been confirmed with the HD gene. I have quite an extensive database on the aforementioned families and would be happy to share any information I can.

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