I have included a descendant tree here. The persons in Red are persons with Huntington's disease. The persons in Blue are persons with whom we have lost contact. Frederick's youngest daughter never had children, his youngest son was also Frederick but was called Fred. All the HD victims except Barbara lived in Texas. I have included some notes for the highlighted persons.

HD not only destroys lives, it also destroys marriages. Even Great Aunt Naomi who was married to the same man for 49 years had some marital problems because of it. They married, divorced and re-married. I don't remember ever meeting Uncle Henry, but he must have been a wonderful man. It is hard to get my grandmother to talk about this disease. In past times it was considered a skeleton in the family closet and was kept a secret as much as possible. She's the grandest lady in the world but it's hard for her to break the habit of not discussing it.

I hope one of you can help me find my great great grandmother.

Gina Heffernan

Descendants of Barbara ??? SENN .1 Barbara ??? b: 1840 Baden, Prussia d: Bef. 1890 New York? She may have been from Niagara Falls. She was supposed to have been diagnosed and treated at the Mayo Clinic by Frederick's brother, but it was not yet in existance. She would have died some time between 1880 and 1890 (when Frederick moved to Texas). .+Frederick SENN b: February 7, 1839, Prussia m: Abt 1874 d: November 03, 1926, Robinson, McLennan, Texas ..2 Frederick Doyle SENN b: October 22, 1875, New York d: August 16, 1930, Austin, Travis, Texas ..+Emma Beatrice WILLS b: February 14, 1878, , McCulloch, Texas: July 12, 1899, , Bell, Texas d: June 29, 1937, , Milam, Texas ...3 Wiley William SENN b: January 05, 1908 Holland, Bell, Texas d: February 08, 1983 Houston, Harris, Texas ...+Ima Jean HOLDER b: June 29, 1915 close to Rogers and Cameron, Milam, Texas m: August 15, 1933 in At home in Rockdale, Milam, Texas. ...3 Cecil Doyle SENN b: Abt 1900 Milam County, Texas d: September 24, 1945 Austin, Travis, Texas. Cecil tried very hard to take care of his family, but HD made it almost impossible for him to find a job. People were frightened of his symptoms. ...+Lela Mae MADDOX b: September 30, 1899 m: Abt 1924 d: September 10, 1978 McLennan, Texas ....4 Robert Doyle SENN b: February 27, 1924, , McLennan, Texas d: April 12, 1969, , , Texas. I was recently able to communicate with Robert's son and all is well with his family. ....+Betty Jo FORD b: June 16, 1929 d. September 10, 2012 ....4 McCorkle Lindsey SENN b: December 12, 1927 Bell, Texas. "Lindey" may have had HD, he did have Down's Syndrome. ....4 Lorraine May SENN b: June 19, 1930 Milam, Texas. Lorraine may have had HD. She suffered from some similar psychological symptoms. ....+Albert VILLAREAL b: July 14, 1906 Texas m: May 31, 1950 in McLennan, Texas d: October 25, 1987 Dallas, Dallas, Texas ....*2nd Husband of Lorraine May SENN: ....+Troy Elbert BLACK b: July 12, 1916, Navarro, Texas m: May 01, 1952 in McLennan, Texas d: October 07, 1984 Navarro, Texas ....4 Freddy Paul GARDNER b: December 31, 1932 Milam, Texas, may have been adopted, he is shown in State Records as Freddy Paul Gardner. ...3 Sarah Barbee SENN b: January 1902 Texas d: November 1928 Milam, Texas, childbirth complications ...+Romie Leroy MALONE b: May 30, 1901 d: October 28, 1964 Bell, Texas m. December 30, 1921, , Milam, Texas ...3 Naomi Clara SENN b: August 22, 1905 Milam County, Texas d: August 31, 1984 Waco, McLennan, Texas. She was always embarrassed by her symptoms, but she was one of the best quarterbacks our backyard football team could have. Naomi loved children and never failed to spend time with us when she visited. I didn't understand until grown that her dancing and giggling was a symptom of her disease. ...+Charles Henry GLASS b: December 12, 1900 Oklahoma m: 1931 in McLennan, Texas d: December 05, 1980 Waco, McLennan, Texas ....4 William SENN b: April 13, 1930 McLennan, Texas d: April 13, 1930 McLennan, Texas ....4 Charles Clayton GLASS b: July 03, 1932 Milam, Texas d: October 04, 2000 Waco, McLennan, Texas +Mary A ??? b: 1942 m: June 12, 1959 in Texas. ....4 Infant GLASS b: 1947 ...3 James Jarrell SENN b: January 13, 1910, Holland, Bell, Texas d: July 8, 1952, Austin, Travis, Texas. ...+Virginia Matcek b: August 15, 1903, , Washington, Texas d: Janusary 1, 1941, Rockdale, Milam, Texas, childbirth m: May 20, 1940, Cameron, Milam, Texas. ....4 Ed SENN b: December 30, 1940 , Milam, Texas d: December 19, 1973, Rockdale, Milam, Texas. ....+Irene Mildred Buchanan b: February 3, 1944 d: October 2, 1962, drowned m. October 9, 1960, Milam, Texas. .....5 Billy Ed Senn b: May 25, 1961 d: October 2, 1962, drowned. ....4 Infant SENN b: January 1941 d: January 1941 ..2 Elizabeth Annie SENN b: September 14, 1874, Pembroke, Genesee, New York d: March 4, 1960, Bellmead, McLennan, Texas. ..+Evald Gummelt b. August 27, 1880, , Falls, Texas d. January 14, 1961, Waco, McLennan, Texas m. Abt. 1928. [No issue]

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