I really don't have many records. I am doing research to track HD in my family. I have 2 first cousins that now are afflicted with this horrible diease. I am trying to find out when and how it entered my family. The first person to have it, that I've found is George WHITMAN born in VA now WV in 1783. George WHITMAN moved to IN about 1825-1830. He had several children. Many had HD, thus it spread very rapidly in Indiana. George had a 2 sisters that married WARD brothers in VA. One branch of the Ward family has HD today. I believe George and his sister inherited the gene from their father Matthew (Mathias) WHITMAN born 1760. I'm not sure where he was born; I've hit a dead end. Anyone finding any information on WHITMANs please contact me. Please add Whitman to the list of names on which research is being done.

Thank you.

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