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When I was growing up my mother would say all her relatives are dead, which was true and not true. In my mother's immediate family, that was true. Her father died when she was about 4 years old. All she remembers is "her father was running a fever her mother gave him some aspirin and few hours later he was gone". Her mother died from Huntington's Disease an inherited disease passed down from one generation to the next. In Huntington's, the person is usually deceased by the time they reach the age of 50. Her mother died at age 48, and older sister at age 4 and other older sister died at age 50. Her older brother died at age 18 in grain elevator accident. One of her younger brothers died at age 5 and another we are not sure what he died from, but he died in the Austin, Texas State School at the age of 38. My mother lived to the age of 74.

In the 1980's, when my aunts gave me their information and my mother died, I tried to put together some of the information but doing by hand it was a struggle. My mother had lost contact with a lot of her Uncles, Aunts and cousins over years, but in the last ten years of her life she was reacquainted with most of them by accident. She ran into a cousin's wife that worked at a mall called Seminary South and from there she found most of all of her close relatives in the area. She died on January 1 and most of her relatives back then sent Christmas Cards and a lot of them I did not know as I had been gone from home for a while. I wrote back to them told them about mother and asked about the genealogy because at the time one of the granddaughters of my mother's sister was in the first stages of Huntington's and asked if I could get some genealogy/medical history on the family. I received at least ten letters and a lot of the information I received I still use as a guideline today.

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In my research, this is what I have found so far.

George WISE

   Birth:  1774/84, Lincoln Co, NC
   Death:  after 1840 Census of Habersham Co., GA
   Married:  abt. 1805, Unknown

George married and moved to Buncombe Co., NC
  1810 Census Buncombe Co., NC
   2 Males 0-10, one male 26-45 and one female 16-26
  1820 Census Buncombe Co., NC
   2 Males 0-10, two males 10-16 One male 45 + and three females 0-10 and one female 26-45
  1830 Census Buncombe Co., NC
   2 Males 15-20, one male 20-30 one male 50-60+ and two females 10-15
  1840 Census Habersham Co., GA
   1 Male 20-30, one male 60-70 and one female 15-20, one female 20-30 and one female 60-70

Did the Huntington's gene come from George WISE or from his wife? I don't know.

Children of George WISE and Unknown

1   David WISE
   Birth:  26-Nov-1807, Buncombe Co., NC
   Death:  5-Dec-1888, Conway Springs, Sumner Co., KS
   Married:  11-Nov-1829, North Carolina
   Rhoda JAMISON
   Birth:  20-Oct-1807, NC
   Death:  16-Jun-1891, Conway Springs, Sumner Co., KS

2   George WISE, Jr.
   Birth:  bet 1800-1810, NC
   Death:  Unknown
   George Jr., married and lived in Fannin Co., GA (8 Children)

3   Absalom WISE
   Birth:  26-Oct-1809, NC
   Death:  22-May-1880, in Mt. Home, AR, Cooper Cemetery, Grassville, Baxter County, Arkansas
   Married:  29-Aug-1843, Habersham Co., GA
   Nancy W. (Walker ??) ANDERSON
   Birth:  11-Sep-1825, GA
   Death:  14-Jun-1911, Cooper Cemetery, Grassville, Baxter County, Arkansas
   Note: Nancy was a Sister to James ANDERSON who married Mary Anna WISE.

   1860 Census District 3, Cherokee Co., AL  13-Jun-1860
   Absalom age 45 born in NC
   Nancy W 38 born in GA
   Mercelia A age 15
   George W age 14
   Mary C age 13
   William T age 12
   James N age 10
   Nancy J age 7
   Absolam H age 6 all born in GA.
   Robert S age 5
   Andrew J age 4
   David J age 2 and
   John A age 6 all born in Alabama.
   Virginia WISE age 40 born in NC probably a sister to Absalom?

4   John WISE
   Birth:  abt. 1812, NC
   Margaret Montgomery McAFEE
   Birth:  abt. 1809, NC
   1860 Census Buncombe, NC
   John age 49 and Margaret age 54
   John married Margaret McAFEE died in Buncombe Co., NC (13 Ch)

5   Anna WISE
   Birth:  abt. 1813, NC
   Death:  between 1860-1870, GA
   Married:  9-Mar-1835
   Birth:  abt. 1812, NC
   Death:  between 1870-1880
   James age 20-30 and wife 20-30
   1850 Cherokee Co., GA
   Jane WISE age 25 and Mary WISE age 20 living with them.

6   Mary WISE
   Birth:  abt. 1817
   Death:  Unknown
   1840 Census Habersham Co., GA   one of two females 20-30
   Mary still single in 1851

7   Viriginia WISE
   Birth:  bet 1810-1820
   Death:  Unknown
   1840 Census Habersham Co., GA   one of two females 20-30
   Virginia lived with her brother Absalom, single but had one son

8   Mar-cilla (Millie) WISE
   Birth:  after 1820
   Married:  Hezikiah SPEARS
   Mar-cilla married Hezikiah SPEARS (no children) lived in Cherokee Co., GA

9   Unknown Female
   Birth:  bet 1835-1840
   I think child is by his second wife not confirmed
   1840 Census Habersham Co., GA one female 0-5

Mary Anna WISE

Birth:  1812, North Carolina
Death:  aft 1870
Married:  Habersham Co., GA, 9-Mar-1835
Mary Anna WISE (Weiss)
Birth:  North Carolina   Abt. 1813
Death:  aft 1870   I think she is the one that had the Huntington's.

George WISE     Father of Anna
Unknown     Mother of Anna
Frederick WISE/Weiss    Grandfather
Maria WARLICK    Grandmother

1850 Census Division 15, Cherokee Co., GA
James age 39 brn in NC
Anna age 37 brn in GA
Jane WISE age 25 brn in NC and Mary WISE age 20 brn in NC living with them.

1860 Census Woodstock, Cherokee Co., GA, 16-Jul-1860
James age 48 brn in NC
Ann age 47 brn in NC

1870 Census, Bells, Cherokee Co., GA, 6-Jul-1870
James age 58 brn in SC
Mary A age 38 brn in SC   I think it is suppose to be 58 not 38

Children of Mary Anna WISE and James ANDERSON

   Birth:  Abt. 1835, Georgia

2   George W. ANDERSON
   Birth:  Abt. 1837

3   Mary A (Anna?) ANDERSON
   Birth:  abt. 1839, Georgia / South Carolina

4   Nancy J. (Jane?) ANDERSON
   Birth:  Abt. 1841, Georgia

5   Jasper (James G) ANDERSON
   Birth:  Abt. 1845, Georgia

6   Andrew J. ANDERSON
   Birth:  Abt. 1846, Georgia
   Death:  between 1880 and 1900
   Married:  Dec 1845   Georgia
   Margaret H Unknown
   1900 Census District 31, Cobb Co., GA
   Andrew - deceased
   Margaret ANDERSON age 54, brn Dec 1845 in GA, Father brn in GA. Mother brn in SC
   Widowed - 11 children born, nine child living    Occupation - Farmer
   George, age 29, brn. July 1870, occupation Home Laborer
   Mille H, age 21, brn. May 1879
   Jason C, age 16, brn. Apr 1884 and
   Grover C, age 14 Jan 1886 all children brn. in Georgia
   Mary WISE - Aunt - age 76, brn Sept 1823, in GA - Single - parents brn in GA

7   Martha Malinda ANDERSON
   Birth:  abt. 1847, Georgia

   1850 Census Division 15, Cherokee Co, GA   still @ home Martha M age 4 brn in GA
   1860 Census Woodstock, Cherokee Co, GA     still @ home Matilda age 12 brn in GA
   1870 Census Bells, Cherokee Co, GA         still @ home Martha age 23 brn in GA

8   Margarett Elizabeth ANDERSON
   Birth:  Abt. 1848, Georgia

   Birth:  abt. Apr 1850, Georgia

10  Turner ANDERSON
   Birth:  Abt. 1852

11  Sarah "Sallie" Angeline ANDERSON
   Birth:  Aug-1853, Georgia
   Death:  1938, Greenville, Texas
   Married:  12-Nov-1871, in Canton, Georgia
   Hiram H REEVES
   Birth:  3-Nov-1852
   Death:  1-Apr-1934, Greenville, Texas
   Note: Hiram H REEVES and Josephine REEVES are brother and sister.

12  Joseph Henry ANDERSON
   Birth:  17-Jun-1855, Georgia
   Death:  5-Aug-1906.     Had Huntington's Disease.
   Married:  November 2, 1876
   Josephine Dolly REEVES
   Birth:  30-Sep-1857, Atlanta, Georgia
   Death:  29-Aug-1941, Calvin, Oklahoma
   Joseph was carrier of Huntington's and he passed it down to Kiness

13  Franklin P ANDERSON
   Birth:  abt. 1856, Georgia

Children of Joseph Henry ANDERSON and Josephine Dolly REEVES

1   James (Jim) J ANDERSON
   Birth:  28-Aug-1877, Georgia

2   Kiness Camelia ANDERSON
   Birth:  3-Oct-1879 or 3-Dec-1879, Atlanta, Georgia
   Death:  9-Feb-1927, Gainesville, Marysville Cemetery, Cooke Co, TX. Had Huntington's.
   Married:  30-Sep-1903
   Thomas Edgar LYONS
   Birth:  4-Feb-1883, Rome Floyd Co., GA
   Death:  27-Oct-1914, ??? Texas

3   Isaac F ANDERSON
   Birth:  6-May-1881, Georgia
   Death:  12-Sep-1882, Georgia

4   William C ANDERSON
   Birth:  10-Jan-1883, Georgia.   Had Huntington Disease per Levada & Pearl.
   Married:  abt. 1905
   Agnes unknown
   Birth:  abt. 1896

5   Walter J (Bob) ANDERSON
   Birth:  8-Jun-1884, Dallas, Georgia
   Death:  22-Jan-1952, Tulare, California
   Married:  abt. 1915
   Susie CALE
   Birth:  16-Feb-1895, Texas
   Death:  24-Aug-1971, Porterville, California

6   Rapley Homer ANDERSON
   Birth:  9-Mar-1886, Georgia
   Death:  Jul-1955 ??? Texas
   Unknown 1st wife then
   Married:  2nd wife abt. 1928
   Hazel Iona ARNOLD
   Birth:  Jul-1913, TX
   Death:  Dec-1934

7   John C. ANDERSON
   Birth:  1-Dec-1887, Georgia
   Death:  24-Apr-1923, Gainesville, Cooke Co., TX Had Huntington Disease.
   Married:  abt. 1908-9
   Cora L
   Birth:  2-Oct-1893, Texas
   Death:  Nov 1979, Gainesville, Cooke Co., TX

8   Robert Lee ANDERSON
   Birth:  28-Jun-1889, Macon, Atlanta, Georgia
   Death:  16/19/-Jan-1969, Holdenville, Hughes Co., Oklahoma
   Married:  14-Jul-1909
   Ethel Mae DUNAHE
   Birth:  1-Aug-1894, Sherman, Texas

9   Mary Beulah ANDERSON
   Birth:  23-Feb-1891, Georgia
   Death:  19-Mar-1892

10  Sally (Sarah) Virginia ANDERSON
   Birth:  13-Jan-1893, Georgia

11  Mattie Maybell ANDERSON
   Birth:  7-Mar-1896, Texas
   Death:  28-Sep-1978, Gainesville, Cooke Co., TX
   Married:  16-Jul-1914
   Frank Marion McINTOSH
   Birth:  25-Mar-1881, Mississippi
   Death:  23-Jan-1947, Gainesville, Cooke Co., TX

   Birth:  7-May-1897, Texas
   Death:  19-Jul-1972, Bakersfield, Kern, CA

13  Pierce (Oscar) Lee ANDERSON
   Birth:  19-Mar-1899, Texas
   Death:  1-Sep-1982, Gracemont, Caddo Co., OK
   Bell Ludell TILLERY
   Birth:  10-Nov 1890, Arkansas
   Death:  15-May-1967, Oilton, Creek Co., OK

14  Agnes
   Death:  Young, Texas

Ref: Marysville Cemetery, Cooke Co., TX

Children of Thomas Edgar LYONS and Kiness Camille ANDERSON

Thomas Edgar LYONS
   Birth:  4-Feb-1883 Rome, Floyd Co., GA
   Death:  27-Oct-1914, from unknown cause
   Married: 30-Sep-1903
   Kiness Camelia ANDERSON
   Birth:  abt. 1879
   Death:  9-Feb-1927 of Huntington's
   Kiness' parents were:
   Joephine Dolly REEVES and Joseph Henry ANDERSON
   Note:  Joseph passed the disease to Kiness.

1   Daisy Elizabeth LYONS
   Birth:  5-Jul-1904
   Death:  9-Dec-1954 of Huntington's
   John Beckman COX    
   Birth:  22-Sep-1899
   Death:  1-Nov-1944
   Of their two children, Lorene LYONS married Pete ANDREWS and no children from this marriage;
   Dale married and had four children at least two had the disease.

2   Eva Viola LYONS
   Birth:  4-Apr-1906
   Death:  young

3   Willie Alonzo LYONS
   Birth:  11-Apr-1908
   Death:  3-Dec-1926, in a grain elevator accident at the age of 21 so I don't know if he had the disease.

4   Vera Lucille LYONS
   Birth:  18-Jan-1910
   Death:  1-Jan-1985,  Did NOT have Huntington's
   Byron Morgan Golden KNOWLES

5   Grady Arnold (Arnel) LYONS
   Birth:  29-Mar-1912
   Death:  14-May-1947, unknown cause

6   Homer Belve LYONS    
   Birth:  10-Mar-1915
   Death:  12-Nov-1920, unknown cause

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