HD Genealogy

This page is for information on persons you might find who had HD or chorea who are NOT in your own family. Please be specific about the source of the information (ex. 1880 Rusk Co, Texas Census, page 243.) If the print gets too small to read, copy and paste it to notepad. Some of these will be as the result of rheumatic fever especially in children) and others from Huntington's Disease.

You may also post a missing relative if you like. This is the place for you to find someone who may know where your connection lies. My g-g-grandmother is here.

Lost Persons

I do not know my g-g-grandmother's surname. She married Frederick Senn about 1873, probably in or around Genesee County, New York. It was a second marriage. Family legend says Frederick took her to the Mayo Clinic where she was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease by Frederick's brother who was a doctor on staff there. Unfortunately, the Mayo was not yet in existence. I would like to think that the "brother" is actually Dr. Nicholas Senn in Chicago because of the last name. Nicholas is not closely related if he is at all. Another legend says she was from Marble Falls, but this is a long-time Texas family and it could be Niagara Falls. It could be no falls at all and maybe she was from Long Island, I just don't know. One other clue is grandchildren's names - Sarah Barbee, Naomi Clara, Cecil Doyle, James Jarrell. Barbee, Doyle and Jarrell are all surnames that do not show up in other lines. Barbara was born in 1840 in Baden, Prussia and died between 1880-1890.
Gina Heffernan

Found Persons

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