HD Genealogy

Rather than repeating someone else's links, I will point you to a couple of pages that have links on them. There are links for the medical description of HD, for support groups, a support group mailing list, and biographies of Dr. Huntington, from whom the disease gets its name. I also have links to various vital records in the US and a few other countries.

Medical & Support Links

Genealogical Links to Families with HD

Research Links
Some of these records are recent, some are old. Many of these pages have ADVERTISEMENTS for FREE database searches. Please use caution if you decide to try them. Most of them take your money and give you nothing. Some of these sites offer very limited information but they do offer SOMETHING so please be nice when ordering certificates. It won't take many more angry customers before County Clerks quit helping us at all. Some of these sites have pulled their records off the Internet. I'm removing those links as I find them but have given up on keeping track of county and city databses; they change their links too often.

NOTE: The FamilySearch.org site is growing too fast for me to keep up with their databases. Their search engine now searches ALL their records then allows you to "narrow" your search by choosing the records you want to see. Most states have opted to use them for online searches instead of keeping the records online themselves. Since we went to xx.gov (where xx is the state's postal abbreviation) some of these links may no longer work. If you let me know about broken links, I can track them down.
US Social Security Death Index
Arizona Birth & Death Index
California Death Index
California Marriage Index by Brides - fee based
Georgia Death Certificates, 1919-1927
Georgia Death Certificates, 1928-1930
Idaho Death Index
Illinois Online Databases
Indiana State Library - Online Indexes
Kentucky Death Index
Kentucky Vital Records Index
Louisiana Vital Records Databases
Maine Death Index
Maine, Marriage Index, 1892-1966, 1977-1996 - create a free account
Massachusetts Land Records
Michigan Death Certificates
Minnesota Birth Index
Minnesota Death Index
Missouri Birth & Death Indices
New Mexico Death Index - text pages with a simple search engine
North Dakota Death Index
Ohio Death Index - 1913-1944 - fee based, search is free
Ohio Death Index - 1908-1953 - free registration
South Dakota Birth Index
Tennessee Death Index - no search engine
Texas Death Certificates
Texas Death Index
Texas Marriage & Divorce Index - poor search engine
Texas Tombstone Index - not a complete database
Utah Death Index
Utah Death Certificate Index - with images
Utah Cemetery & Burial Index
Washington State Databases (doesn't work well with Internet Explorer)
West Virginia Vital Records

Genealogical Information & Links
State Archives sometimes offer military records among other things.
Alabama State Archives
Alaska State Archives
Arizona State Archives
Arkansas Genealogy Links (State site)
California State Archives
Colorado State Archives Genealogy Page
Colorado Vital Records Information (State site)
Connecticut State Archives
Delaware State Archives
Florida State Archives
Georgia State Archives
Hawaii State Archives
Idaho State Archives
Illinois State Archives
Indiana Commission on Public Records
Indiana State Archives
Iowa State Archives
Kansas State Archives
Kentucky State Archives
Maine State Archives
Archives of Maryland Online
Massachusetts State Archives
Michigan State Archives
Minnesota State Archives
Mississippi Dept of Archives & History
Mississippi Dept of Health
Missouri State Archives
Montana State Archives
Nebraska State Archives
Nevada State Archives
New Hampshire State Archives
New Jersey State Archives
New Mexico State Archives
New York State Archives
North Carolina State Archives
North Dakota State Archives
Ohio State Archives
Oklahoma State Archives
Oregon State Archives
Pennsylvania State Archives
Rhode Island State Archives
South Carolina State Archives
South Dakota State Archives
Tennessee State Archives
Texas State Archives
Utah State Archives
Vermont State Archives
Virginia State Archives
Washington State Archives
West Virginia State Archives
Wisconsin State Archives
Wyoming State Archives
Australia's National Archives
New Brunswick Provincial Records Canada

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